Water treatment equipment


Engineering equipment of high reliability and worldwide trajectory for the treatment of Residual, Potable and Sludge Water.

Among the main activities to be developed we find:

• Design, Construction and Commissioning of Treatment Plants.
• Supply of electromechanical equipment for Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants.
• Specialization in Municipal and Industrial sludge treatment.
• Cleaning process of sewage systems, Sand Removal and Washing.
• Technical assistance to certify the full functionality of the process.


Smith & Loveless

They are highly efficient electromechanical equipment for the removal and extraction of sand used in Potable Water Treatment Plants (PTAP) and WWTP Residual Water Treatment Plants. SMITH & LOVELESS Desanders guarantee and certify the elimination of 95% of particles up to 105 microns (0.105 millimeters) present in water flows without the need to add chemical substances. It is a true system. It includes: the design for the construction of the tank, all the equipment for operation and technical assistance to certify the total functionality of the process.
High sand removal efficiencies stem from the unparalleled hydraulic design of the PISTA® Desander System, including the flat chamber floor and patented, energy-efficient axial-flow propeller drive. The combination creates a true vortex that effectively separates the sand from the organics and debris stream. Forced vortex action distinguishes the PISTA® sand chamber from all other so-called “vortex” chambers because it does not rely on less efficient particle settling or gravity.

Screw conveyors, compactors and sand classifiers

Screw conveyors, compactors and sand classifiers

These equipments are based on a spiral without a central axis, built in AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel, they are the ideal solution in wastewater treatment plants when it comes to transporting difficult products, such as wet, muddy, irregular or fibrous materials. , sand or waste from primary treatment.
COMPACTOR SCREWS: It is a compact piece of equipment that performs several functions in the process of removing solids from urban and industrial treatment plants, minimizing their moisture content and reducing their volume by 35 to 40%.
CLASSIFYING SCREWS: They are elevator screws at different inclinations. It is a piece of equipment that separates the sand and heavy sediments at the outlet of the sand traps of the treatment plants.

Blowers (rotary piston blower)


The rotary piston blower is made up of a stator and two symmetrical pistons that rotate in the opposite direction and at a uniform speed. The fluid to be pumped enters the stator area and the pistons and is moved to the compression nozzle; maintaining a constant pressure and increasing the speed of the blower, the flow rate of the driven fluid increases proportionally. The absorbed power is adjusted to the working pressure, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.

Turbo Blowers (Turbo Blower)


Turbo blowers (Turbocompressor): Rotary compressor with open impeller with radial aluminum blades and with a diffuser cone in the discharge. It has an innovative flow/pressure regulation system, which determines performance throughout its operating range.

Rotary Lobe (Rotary Vane Blower)


Rotary vane blower: The vane blower is made up of a stator within which a rotor rotates provided with slots where sliding vanes are housed. These equipments are special when high pressures and considered flows are required.

Distributor arms

Distributor arms

We have distribution systems or called Distributor Arm for percolating filters, hydraulically designed to work optimally with the average flow rate and maximum flow rate according to plant requirements, they are equipment with drum and rotating arms made of stainless steel with holes distributed throughout along them to achieve uniform surface irrigation; oil lubricated to ensure long bearing life; includes IP65 protection geared motor with output speeds calculated according to specific designs. They are robust and easy to maintain equipment, quick replacement of wear parts without the need to disassemble the distributor arm.



Aerated mixing equipment that has a SCREWPELLER type impeller which pumps the liquid axially upwards through the cylindrical cone through a cylindrical cone, diverts the flow of the liquid from axial to radial and ensures that the maximum kinetic energy is transferred to the surface of the water. As an advantage, this equipment achieves lower energy consumption than other systems due to the high oxygen transfer that it produces in a continuous state; and in addition, its floating design allows it to be easily moved within the pond, which allows it not to be tied to a fixed point.

Plants pretreatment package

Plants pretreatment package

Municipal and industrial water mechanical pretreatment unit. All pretreatment stages are integrated into a single piece of equipment.

Its main characteristics:

•    Solids separation.
•    Waste compaction and washing.
•    Sand separation.
•    Fat separation.
•    Capacity: From 10 to 400 l/s.
•   Feeding can be by gravity or by pumping.
• Construction material: 304L or 316L stainless steel.

Sludge separation centrifuge

Sludge separation centrifuge

Continuous operation centrifuge with horizontal solid wall bowl, specifically developed for the (pre) dewatering and thickening of municipal sludge. The body is of open design with gravity discharge of the clarified phase.

Its main features and applications are:

•    Throughput capacities up to 120m3/hr.
•    Particle size from 5µ.
•  Bowl diameters from 200mm to 1030mm
•  Equipped with an automatic control system to guarantee the highest separation performance, minimizing energy and polymer consumption.
•  Vibration Sensor: alarm and shutdown of the centrifuge when there are high vibrations.

Self-cleaning grids

Self-cleaning grids

The self-cleaning grids and sieves are used for the removal of coarse and fine solids of different sizes between 1 – 100 mm, they are used especially for Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) in Primary treatment. The cleaning and extraction of solids is carried out by means of automatically activated combs. The construction materials of the cover, the bars, the axes, the guides and the chains are in Stainless Steel 304. These equipments can be installed in entrance channels without the need for civil works.

Filter medium

Filter medium

It is a modular fill made with PVC sheets and can be obtained in two basic designs, for cross flow which is recommended for applications with low or medium BOD loads and for vertical flow suitable for applications with high BOD loads. Thanks to its high volumetric ration of at least 95%, our modular fill allows a uniform redistribution of wastewater and air while maximizing contact between biomass and wastewater. It is non-toxic to microorganisms and is resistant to putrefaction, degradation by ultraviolet rays, fungi, alkaline and acid solutions, and other compounds normally present in wastewater.

Mixing system

Rotamix - Vaughan

Mixing system by recirculation that implements internal ejectors and VAUGHAN ® brand external grinder pump. It is the world's most reliable and cost-effective means of mechanical-hydraulic mixing for Anaerobic and Aerobic Digesters, Egg Shaped Digesters, Sludge Mixing Tanks, Refinery Waste, Pulp and Paper Black Liquor, Fine Mining Solids Suspension and other high volume applications.
The Rotamix ® system incorporates many basic principles of physics and hydraulics, including vortex flow, uniform flow, induced flow, and interface. All combined results in a unique mixing system that optimizes the contact of the solids due to its homogeneous state.
With over 1000 systems installed around the world and the inclusion of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Analysis which certifies the Rotamix system to be over 97% accurate when evaluated against actual field tests.

Key Features of the Vaughan Rotamix Mixing System
•    Guaranteed mixed.
•    No moving parts inside the tank.
•  Homogeneous mixture optimizes the consumption of chemical products.
•    Increase in the production of Bio-gas.
• Intermittent operation saves energy.
•   Improves the reduction of volatile solids.
• It can be installed in existing tanks easily.
• You do not need to build walkways or platforms.
•   Allows to continue mixing until the tank is empty
•   Allows use of a single mix pump for multiple tanks and transfer.
•   Includes 10-year ejector warranty
•    The only equipment for maintenance is the Vaughan grinder pump, which has a 2-year warranty.
•   You can mix multiple tanks with a single pump.
•  It costs less to buy, install and operate.

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