Sistema de mezcla de proceso de Rotamix es el medio más rentable de mezcla mecánica hidráulica, consistente en una disposición diseñada de conjuntos de boquillas internas alimentados por una bomba de chopper Vaughan montada externamente. Con más de 700 sistemas instalados, Rotamix se puede aplicar en tanques, cuencas y tanques circulares, rectangulares y ovalos, así como otras configuraciones de procesos únicos, como digestores en forma de huevo, túneles CSO, estaciones de bombeo y lagunas de fangos. 


Water treatment equipment

Mixing system

Mixing system by recirculation that implements internal ejectors and VAUGHAN ® brand external grinder pump. It is the world's most reliable and cost-effective means of mechanical-hydraulic mixing for Anaerobic and Aerobic Digesters, Egg Shaped Digesters, Sludge Mixing Tanks, Refinery Waste, Pulp and Paper Black Liquor, Fine Mining Solids Suspension and other high volume applications.
The Rotamix ® system incorporates many basic principles of physics and hydraulics, including vortex flow, uniform flow, induced flow, and interface. All combined results in a unique mixing system that optimizes the contact of the solids due to its homogeneous state.
With over 1000 systems installed around the world and the inclusion of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Analysis which certifies the Rotamix system to be over 97% accurate when evaluated against actual field tests.

Key Features of the Vaughan Rotamix Mixing System
•  Guaranteed mixed.
•  No moving parts inside the tank.
•  Homogeneous mixture optimizes the consumption of chemical products.
•  Increase in the production of Bio-gas.
•  Intermittent operation saves energy.
•  Improves the reduction of volatile solids.
•  It can be installed in existing tanks easily.
•  You do not need to build walkways or platforms.
•  Allows to continue mixing until the tank is empty
•  Allows use of a single mix pump for multiple tanks and transfer.
•  Includes 10-year ejector warranty
• The only equipment for maintenance is the Vaughan grinder pump, which has a 2-year warranty.
•  You can mix multiple tanks with a single pump.
•  It costs less to buy, install and operate.

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